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Clover honey

Clover honey
Clover honey originates from various floral plants found in Homolj Mountain meadows. Colour, flavour and scent may vary depending on the botanical source. Colour varies from light-yellow to reddish hues and darker colours. Flavour depends on the predominant plant species in the honey and may vary from delightfully sweet to somewhat bitter. Clover honey contains enzymes, minerals, organic acid, vitamins and other valuable ingredients.
Therapeutic qualities:
Due to its varied and rich structure, clover honey has been used in folk medicine since ancient times as a medical agent. The orthodox medical establishment later confirmed that this type of honey has a therapeutic effect in the treatment of gastrointestinal, pulmonary and kidney diseases, and especially coronary and vascular diseases. Clover honey has a positive effect on those in need of recovery and extra energy.
It is best to have one coffee spoon (more if necessary) of clover honey every morning before breakfast or to dissolve it in lukewarm water, milk, tea, or better yet, apple vinegar.
How to store:
Clover honey should be stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.
The crystallization of honey is a natural process. To turn crystallized honey into liquid, place the jar of honey into a water-filled receptacle and heat it to no more than 50ºC, so as not to destroy the honey’s therapeutic qualities.

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