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Science has shown that honey loses its therapeutic properties in temperatures above 50 ºC ... (read more)
• What is honey?
Honey is a sweet, aromatic and thick liquid produced by honey bees from flower nectar...
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• Pollen
Pollen, or flower sperm...
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• Propolis
Propolis is a resinous substance collected by working bees from tree buds (...)
• Royal jelly
Royal Jelly is a wonder-working food that stimulates growth, restores strength, regenerates the organism, refreshes memory and regulates the metabolism...
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• Beeswax
Beeswax is a natural product, produced by different types of honey bees.(read more)
• Bee venom
Bee venom is used to treat rheumatism, alleviate pain, lower blood pressure and levels of cholesterol.(...)
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Bee Farm Mijailović
offers high quality bee products from the pristine nature of the Homolj Mountains. Our products bring the freshness of morning mountain dew, the intoxicating scent of mountain herbs, the cool winds and clear spring waters of Homolj Mountain into your home. Products from Bee Farm Mijailovićprovide you with the health and invigorating strength that only nature’s pristine products can offer.
Proven experience, acquired over generations and combined with the latest scientific achievements, create the excellence of our bee products, as confirmed by numerous acknowledgements at many international fairs.
Through the continual enlargement of our manufacturing and processing facilities, we continue our tradition and pass it along to future generations. We will justify your trust in our bee farm by continuing to produce and pack, in cooperation with bees, quality bee products, for the health of you and your loved ones.
The apiculture household Mijailović also works as a commercial company, by the name of: Company for Production, Processing and Packaging Apicultural Products „MED-HONEY” doo. It possesses a certified HACCP system which has enabled the production of safe and healthy products, and by which the company has met the necessary criterion for exports both to the European Countries and all the other top demanding world markets.

Address MED-HONEY doo • Cara Lazara 8, Vučak • 11300 Smederevo • Serbia
telephone / fax: +381 (26) 4-155-155 • telephone: +381 (63) 222-225
e-mail: med@med-honey.com
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+381 (26) 4-155-155 • +381 (63) 222-225 • med@med-honey.com

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