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Propolis ointment

Propolis ointment
A twenty percent vaseline-based ethanol solution.
What is propolis:
Propolis is a resinous substance collected by working bees from tree buds and secreted by their glands. The colour of propolis varies from dark green to coffee green – turning darker over time. It has a distinctive aroma and a somewhat bitter flavour. It is composed of resin, wax, essential oils and pollen and is rich in minerals, especially iron and zinc.
Its invaluable therapeutic qualities make propolis ointment extraordinary effective in the treatment of slow-healing wounds as well as with everyday skin care. Propolis has shown superb results in the treatment of burns, various types of eczema, warts and external haemorrhoids.
Apply to the affected area two to three times a day.
External use only.
How to store:
Store in temperatures below 25°C.
Expiration date:
12 g

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Propolis ointment

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