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Honey-comb in liquid honey

Honey-comb in liquid honey
Honey-comb in liquid honey is honey in its natural and healthiest “packaging” which is made of natural beeswax. The colour of honey-comb varies from light yellow to darker colours, depending on the type of honey and the weather conditions during its formation. Beeswax is rich with unattached fatty acids, propolis, essential oils, vitamins and other valuable ingredients.
Therapeutic qualities:
The ingredients of honey-comb in liquid honey, wax and honey (acacia especially), has a positive effect on the treatment of bronchitis and bronchial problems. It also serves as a preventative for hay fever, salivation and the formation of gastric juice, while also protecting the gums and cleaning the teeth from tartar and other plaques.
It is recommended to chew 20 to 30 g of honey-comb in liquid honey a day. It should be chewed until the wax turns white and then spat out.
How to store:
Store at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.
Crystallization of honey-comb in liquid honey is a natural process. Crystallized honey retains its therapeutic qualities and can be used without any heat treatment.

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